ProjectDIVA - is a movement for the community that was developed out of a Father's love for his daughter. Through outreach we address the needs of young women to develop, establish, and project a personal brand that reflects the love God offers from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The Vision - The vision of ProjectDIVA is to assist and guide the growth of young ladies into DIVA's from the perspective of an omnipresent Father, God. In this context DIVA is an acronym that stands for Divine, Intelligent, Virtuous and Ambitious. ProjectDIVA is a counter point to mainstream society views that tells young women who and how they should be and behave. ProjectDIVA teaches love yourself and learn to move beyond current definitions and project what you want to become.

Origins of ProjectDIVA - The origins of ProjectDIVA started with a conversation between my daughter and I. We noticed all the depictions of women in superhero movies through Hollywood productions.  I asked her a number of questions, but what gave rise to this movement was my question to her 'Which heroes appeal to you and if you had a superpower what power would you want?' Her reply was none of them but if she had super power she wanted the ability to read a person's mind - to learn what they really thought about her.

I was shocked, but understood that it's hard to identify with these personas, narratives, or ideals because none of them reflect her reality. So in my fatherly way, I continued to ask more questions and really understood that I needed to have more conversation with her about more serious things like God, love and life. ProjectDIVA was born! I took up the task of creating a heroine that reflects the type of virtues I want my daughter to grow into.

Reason for ProjectDIVA - The reason for ProjectDIVA is to share the experiences and love between a father and daughter with a greater audience. It is our belief that by these efforts of this project: it will assist young ladies growth into women who understand their greater calling. The reason for ProjectDIVA is to explain to young ladies that the live in a predatory world and to arm them with information that will guide their growth in DIVA’s.

The word project in ProjectDIVA means more of an announcement than an experiment. The goal is to get our young ladies to project an image of being true to their good nature, instead of accepting self-inflicting advice from our societies. To be a DIVA is to be...

D - Divine | Understands her relationship with God

I - Intelligence | Ability to acquire and apply knowledge

V - Virtuous | High moral standards

A - Ambitious | Strong desire to succeed

Heroine - The hero of ProjectDIVA is not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or even faster than a locomotive – however she is a self-aware female who can distinguish between what is real and fake. She is a confident lady that exudes style and class but understands her place with God.

For the Love of the Father - In context of ProjectDIVA this phrase has double meaning. One definition refers to the consideration of the sacrifice provided by a dad for his daughter. However, the broader meaning is that God has a more encompassing love to offer his children on Earth, so we must not take it for granted. 

Style with Grace - There is nothing sexier than a confident, empowered, self-assured and in control woman who is all about her business. Style with grace is a reference to her appearance but also her methods of accomplishing tasks.

By the use of a stand-alone flower metaphor and a collection of floral still life drawings, ProjectDIVA explores and develops a brand identity, logo and wardrobe designs, plus her modes of transportation for this affluent customer. The stand-alone rose metaphor represents her external beauty but gives insight to her inner strength to endure the pressure of the world’s conformity. 

With the ideation process, we explore a number of bespoke products and luxury goods that relate and relay the brand of DIVA. Her beauty is the natural attraction, but her elegance and grace are not from her own will, but developed through His will as she walks her life in this world. While the artwork focuses on the specific elements that define her persona, the final pages culminate on a social heroine that defies modern estimations.