The Origins of Project DIVA with Earl Lucas, Founder

The origins of "Project DIVA" started very simply. It started with a conversation with my daughter and how we noticed all the Hollywood superhero movies being produced. This led to a number of questions in which I asked her which heroes appeal to her and if she had super power what powers would she want? Her reply was none of them but if she had super power she wanted the ability to read peoples mind and learn what they really thought about her. I was shocked, but understood that it is hard to identify with this folks or stories because none of them look like her. So in my fatherly way, I continued to ask more questions and really understood that I needed to have more conversation with her about more serious things like God, love and life. Project DIVA was born! I took up the task of creating a heroine that reflects the type of virtues I want my daughter to grow into.

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I loved your explanation of the origins of the DIVA project. I’m so very proud of you my dear brother fir real!!! Look forward to catching up soon and ‘chunking some bricks’ with ya 🤣
Peace and blessings & continued success. ✌🏽🤲🏽

Abdul-Latif Welch May 05, 2021

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