Whose Responsibility is it to Teach Young Ladies about Car Maintenance?

Of course it is the dad’s job to show young ladies about basic car care.  But what happens if a young woman does not have a male figure to share these things? She will be left to chance or trial and error, be at risk to be over charged from some mechanic or have to learn from YouTube. I cannot count the number of times I have come across women who didn’t know how about basic car care. ProjectDIVA aims to solve this dilemma by teaching hands on car maintenance.

I don’t blame the women for not knowing but more so the men in their lives. All of us have so many things to do but one of the fundamental thing to prevent automobile concerns is to keep the car clean. An example of what we have done at our house is to show my daughter how to wash her car, how to fill washer fluid, where to look for the name and size of her tires, how to change a tire and know the layout of the engine. As women become even more self reliant- It's imperative that they know how do these things themselves.


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